Kashouvot is a non-profit organization founded in Jerusalem in 2010.

Kashouvot’s mission is to introduce chaplaincy (also referred to as Pastoral Care or Spiritual Support) to Israel and to provide quality, professional Spiritual Support in the healthcare and social services.

Kashouvot’s chaplains blend academic credentials with practical training in internationally recognized Pastoral Care education.

We present an engaging, compassionate, relevant face of Judaism for patients across the Jewish religious spectrum. We facilitate opportunities for patients of all backgrounds to connect to the texts, prayers and rituals of their own faiths.

Kashouvot provides Pastoral Care for patients, staff and families in a variety of residential and outpatient settings. We bring creative educational experiences to various groups from Israel from abroad.

As chaplains, we walk into some dark places and help bring in light. We are not afraid of the patients’ darkness. We don’t care who they are or who they’ve been. We want to be with them where they are. We try to find common ground and a common language, speaking about hope, love, faith, relationships, family, regrets. Our goal is not to get them from one point to the other. Our goal is to help them identify where they want to go.

Chaplain Jane Mather, Director of Chaplaincy Services at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (quote courtesy of the Health Care Chaplaincy of New York).