An original prayer composed for the closing of the 14th Annual Bikur Cholim Conference, NYC, by Rabbi Sara O’Donnell Adler, MetroWest Jewish Health and Healing Center, November 18, 2001. It can be used to gather strength and to focus before or after a visit.

Eloheinu V’Elohei Avoteinu V’Imoteinu, God of our ancestors, we are grateful to You for having given us the opportunity to gather today in peace and safety, to explore, share and nurture our ideas and our dreams of caring for a broken world.

We thank You for wisdom, for the experiences of others and for the anticipation of greeting new challenges. We thank You for giving us the mitzvah of bikkur cholim, for giving us hands for reaching and hearts for listening.

We thank You for giving us eyes that gaze into others’ souls and we thank You for the presence of Your Shechinah that hovers in the many places we visit.

Elohei HaShamayim, Most High G-d, shine forth Your blessing to the community of caregivers gathered here today.

Give us courage and renewed energy during these challenging times to do our holy work of caring in good faith.

Make us worthy to look upon every sufferer with clear eyes and open hearts. May we be agents of compassion, representatives of hope, messengers of laughter and light.

May our own lives be blessed with wellness and security, so that we may continue to bring to others the gift of ourselves.

And let us say: Amen.