Hod Yerushalayim is a private nursing home in Kiryat Yovel.  The departments range from independent living to nursing care to chronic care and memory support.  Many of the senior citizens who live there are immigrants from the former Soviet Union, and many come from low- income backgrounds.  The staff of Hod Yerushalayim are inspiring in their spirit of giving, working with minimal pay on a very tight budget to provide high quality care for the residents. The staff is proud of the work they do with the resources available to provide the highest quality services they can with an integrated, team approach. Hod Yerushalayim reached out to Kashouvot after one of our patients from another nursing home moved there and requested that our chaplain Aliza Pilichowski continue visiting him. The social worker at Hod was impressed by how Aliza connected with a resident that no-one else could reach, and invited us to provide Spiritual Care to other residents at Hod.

(Thanks to their teamwork and Aliza’s background knowledge of the resident, he is now able to have food on his tray without throwing it off, feed himself, interact with other residents without yelling, make himself understood verbally and share his gifts and knowledge with fellow residents).

We have started a pilot project to work at Hod one day per week this year. There is a positive model of collaboration with the whole staff there, which is refreshing and appreciated.

Aliza started working  there one day a week this year, thanks to a grant from the Narayever Congregation in Toronto.

Our goal is to provide pastoral care to the residents at Hod Yerushalayim for the next three years. During this time, we hope to be of service to the residents, integrate student interns, increase the visibility of chaplaincy in Israel, foster a deeper connection with Hod and collaborate with them in finding sources of long term funding. Ultimately, we would like to see this model become financially sustainable and fully integrated into the system of care provision. We would like to see this replicated in other homes and care facilities.