Aleh Elderly Day Center, Yehud   2014-2015

An average of 70-80 (the total number is 100) senior citizens spend time at Merkaz Lakashish Aleh Yehud each day.  The merkaz offers social life, activities, learning, breakfast and lunch, 5 days a week, all year long.  Yehud was first populated by Turkish immigrants and now includes Jews of Yemenite descent and others of mixed backgrounds.  There are 15 regular staff and additional 20 foreign workers.  Spiritual support at Yehud began with a pilot in January 2014, initiated by Eshel (Joint) to implement pastoral care in several elderly day care centers. Rabbi Valerie Stressin lead the pilot project, facilitating workshops on Spiritual Care, helping to mentor staff and support workers and leading outreach and learning opportunities for participants and their families,