St. Louis French Hospital in Jerusalem

The St. Louis French Hospital in Jerusalem is located on the boundary between West and East Jerusalem, facing the Old City. The Hospital is fully integrated into the health system of Jerusalem and serves patients of many backgrounds, though the majority of patients are Jewish. Due to the dearth of hospice beds in Jerusalem, the hospital is a magnet for patients from across the city. It has a high staff to patient ratio and young people from around the world volunteer in nursing support.  

Kashouvot’s chaplains visit long-term geriatric care, oncology/ hospice and palliative care patients at HFSL and have developed a relationship of mutual respect and cooperation with staff and patients.  We are available for patients and their families on a regular basis and also help with bereavement, ethical decision-making and end-of-life issues, rituals or memorial services. This year two chaplains spent one day each providing pastoral care, attending staff meetings, teaching volunteers and serving as an educational resource.  We made 300 patient visits of 30 minutes to 1 hour each.  We continue to receive positive feedback from patients, staff and families.