Occasionally, during the process of Spiritual Care meetings, a patient expresses the wish to leave the hospital for a special experience: a trip, a concert, a visit to a museum or a meal at a restaurant.  It may serve the purpose of reawakening an old memory or achieving something that has been on the patient's list of dreams.  In cooperation with Magen David Adom and Yad Sarah ambulances, Kashouvot provides accompaniment, refreshments, photographs of the occasion and other relevant assistance, depending on the patient’s request.

One of the individuals Miriam visits at the French Hospital has MS and has very limited movement. He made aliyah from Russia several years ago and was dedicated to taking care of his mother.  Soon after she died, his illness got worse. He is not mobile or independent and was not able to travel in Israel. After an initial period of hopelessness and negativity, he grew to trust Miriam and expressed an interest in "seeing something beautiful in Israel."  After further exploration, he chose the Dead Sea. Kashouvot arranged a day trip for him, with picnic, accompaniment and transportation.

One late stage cancer patient was losing weight, tired of the repetitive hospital meals.  We invited her for dinner at a nearby restaurant.  She showered and dressed up for the occasion, enjoyed the atmosphere and conversation as well as the ride over in her wheelchair.  It reminded her of evenings spent with friends and ended up being the last time she was able to savor the pleasures of everyday life.

Through experiences like these Kashouvot strives to allow patients one last opportunity to participate in or achieve a special experience that will leave a lasting, positive impression on them as they continue to confront the challenges of their medical condition.