Traditional cultures knew how to mark life-passages with personal and communal rituals. People today undergo many more changes, yet we have fewer tools to deal with transitions and changes in identity and to connect with a supportive community. Rituals can offer opportunities to mark meaningful stages of our life’s journey. Building a creative ceremony is in itself a transformative process which enables focus on aspects of closure and new beginnings.

Rabbis Miriam Berkowitz and Valerie Stessin can help you craft a personalized Jewish ceremony for a traditional occasion such as a baby naming, bat mitzvah, bride’s mikveh visit, wedding, end of life, memorial service, etc. or to find a Jewish way to mark another important occasion such as moving to a new home, graduating, entering the army, adopting a child, divorce, miscarriage, menopause, healing from illness or surgery etc.

A ceremony can also be a fitting conclusion to a series of spiritual support sessions.

Combining counseling and rabbinic skills we first listen to your vision of the event and its significance in your lives, then explain the symbols and texts we can use, ranging from Torah, Talmud and prayers to modern poetry or song, then come up with something that is unique and creative and may involve close friends and family.