Kashouvot presents seminars on a range of related topics geared to different types of audiences. We lead workshops for congregations, women’s groups, tour groups, medical staff, nursing home residents, and families.

Our areas of specialty include:

Workshop using shells 

  • Pastoral Care: History, approaches and tools.
  • Transitions: Navigating life changes and passages
  • Holiday Workshops: Traditional meanings and personal journeys
  • The Powers of Water: Mikveh and immersion as sources of hope and healing
  • Bikur Holim and Mutual Support: Roots in biblical sources and midrashim
  • Personalizing Prayer: Weaving your voice into the ancient words
  • Moses meets Kubler-Ross: Coming to terms with death and dying
  • Children and Parents: Privileges and responsibilities
  • Creating Rituals: Why, what and how?
  • Shell Therapy: Telling our stories

We can also customize a program for your group.

Cost depends on length of the session, number of participants and location.

Please contact us for more details.