Opportunities to Support Kashouvot

All gifts large or small are appreciated.  Perpetuate the memory of a dear one by enabling us to help others. Sponsorship opportunities are available for specific projects (for more details see “Projects”).

Support Hospital Chaplaincy  $16,500

Individual patient visits, consultations with family, support groups, support to staff and classes for volunteers.

Chaplaincy services 2 days a week for a year (approx. 300 visits)

Support Chaplaincy at Nursing Homes  $8,500  

Chaplaincy services for 1 year (approximately 150 visits)

Home Hospice- sponsored in 2015

Visits to the terminally ill and homebound in Jerusalem and environs, in cooperation with Palliative Care staff of local health care providers.

100 visits, 3 on-call chaplains

Individualized Excursions, Travel or Cultural Events  $4,500  

Provision of a variety of outings including concerts, nature trips, festive meals, small gifts or other particular patient wishes.  This program offers patients an opportunity to leave the confines of the hospital, experience a new or familiar place/activity and to reconnect with sources of joy.

A full year of programming including planning, follow-up, additional staff for transportation etc.

First Israeli Interfaith Chaplaincy Course  $14,000 

A course in Clinical Pastoral Education for Jewish, Christian and Muslim clergy and chaplaincy students, facilitated by an American trained supervisor, in conjunction with JTS.  Costs include stipends for students, supervisor's salary and honoraria for local mentors and site coordinators. The goal is to develop a cadre of colleagues who can work for and with Kashouvot and will share our range of skills, knowledge and commitment to the CPE model.

Therapeutic Garden  - sponsored 

A contemplative space for pastoral care visits and the use of patients, families and professional staff. Garden path, gazebo and benches for patient visits, groups and relaxation.

Spiritual Resources  $1,500  /  $2,000

Printed materials: bookmarks and cards with inspirational verses; large-print prayers in various languages and artistic designs.

$1,500  Translation and printing of pamphlets on topics such as hope, prayer, grief, etc. that offer information and support; diaries for recording  patient’s thoughts, feelings and experiences.

$2,000 Resource Library of relaxing music, films, journals and books on related topics, for use in our work and to lend to care-receivers, families and colleagues.

Community Education  $2,500  

Lectures and seminars in a variety of nursing homes, synagogues and community settings to educate on the value of pastoral care and develop connections for future partnerships and work sites.

12 presentations, seminars or community lectures.