Donors can designate their gift for one of the following projects: 

  • Spiritual Caregiver in a Hospital or a Nursing Home

The program for the year includes individual patient visits, consultations with family, classes for volunteers and staff support groups.  

Cost for One day per week = $ 18,000

  • Home hospice

The program for the year includes home hospice visits to home-bound ill and elderly patients and their caregivers through medical staff referrals.

Cost for 200 hours (average of 7 meetings with patient/family)= $ 12,000

  • Training Courses and Workshops for staff

The program is to educate medical and geriatric staff with basic tools of Spiritual Care. We will focus on three main goals: empowering the participants to develop Spiritual Self-Care tools to avoid compassion fatigue and burnout and improve their professional and personal life, experience and adopt basic tools which they will incorporate in a more emphatic care,

raise consciousness about the need to give holistic care which includes spiritual care and their ability to be active in incorporating certified spiritual caregivers in the Israeli system.

     Cost for a 12 hours training course (15 participants) = $ 1,500

  • Library of Spiritual Resources – Prayer Cards

We wish to offer helpful tools for patients and their families to provide continuity and inspiration on their own spiritual journeys: pamphlets on topics such as hope, prayer, grief, comfort and support; journals for recording their thoughts, feelings and experiences; bookmarks with inspirational verses in various languages and artistic design.

Combined cost: $5,000