Prayer Cards

Set of prayer cards in the English language

The collection of eleven Jewish, Christian and Muslim prayers cards contains
traditional and contemporary prayers for various occasions with artistic renderings related to each prayer. Among the prayers you can find prayers for
before a surgery or a treatment, healing of body and spirit, saying goodbye and life review. Chaplains can use the cards for prayer or discussion. They can leave them for the patient as a gift and to contemplate on their own. The Kashouvot prayer card allows us to meet people on their own terms, literally, spiritually and intellectually. These prayers voice beliefs and thoughts that patients and hospital employees might hold. They show that prayer can be useful not only for people who define themselves as religious, and expose people to the richness of various religious traditions or universal feelings of hope, awe, fear and gratitude. They can be a starting point for a conversation, a catalyst for a holy moment, or a door to cathartic tears.

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